Better for the Environment


RightPSI™ Helps Support the Environment!

Fossil Fuel & Emissions

  • 4 million gallons of gas a day are wasted by drivers with low tire pressure, or 1.5 billion gallons a year!
  • 36 million barrels of oil a year is lost from low tire pressure – which is close to 1/10 of all US oil imported from Saudi Arabia.
  • This is almost 7x the environmental impact compared to the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Crisis, which spilled 4.9 million barrels of oil into Gulf of Mexico.
  • Fuel savings from keeping tires filled is equal to taking 6 million cars and trucks off the road.


 Tire Disposal & Waste

  • 280 million tires are scrapped in the US/yr, while only 52% are recycled.
  • 2-3 billion tires are left over in US stockpiles.
  • Every year the equivalent of 4 supertankers of tire rubber is spilled  into the environment annually.
  • You breathe Tires – 80% of respire able particulate matter, in major cities is comprised of 3-7% tire and break wear.
Extend your tire life and decrease tire scrap.

Greenhouse Gases & Climate Change

The Steinbrenner Institute for Environmental Education & Research (SEER) found that the average driver could save 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide from going into the atmosphere annually just by having their tires property inflated.  Add all of the drivers in the U.S. together, and that could equal upwards of 31 billion pounds of CO2 each year.  In order to offset this unnecessary pollution from low tire pressure 52.6 thousand acres of trees would need to be planted!

  • Any vehicle running on soft tires is contributing as much as 1.5 extra tons of greenhouse gases to the environment annually.
  • 20 lbs of carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere for every one gallon of fuel consumed.
  • 31, 000, 000, 000 lbs of CO2 air pollution is created from underinflated tires.
  • 3 trees are needed to offset 1.5 tons of CO2 or 31 million trees needed to offset this pollution.
  • A single mature tree can absorb 48 lbs of CO2/yr.


 With RightPSI™, you can quickly and easily cut down on the amount of pollution going into the environment every year.

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