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Tech Crunch, February 2014

Here’s a damned clever alternative: tire caps that change color when the pressure gets too low…

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Dream Big America, Radio Interview, March 2014

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Technology TellMarch 2014

…a solution that seems to work well for older cars…

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Bike Rumor, March 2014

Regardless of cycling discipline, the easiest and most affordable way of altering the ride quality of your bicycle is tire pressure…

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Tire Business Magazine, March 2014

RightPSI Kickstarter exceeds expectations…

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Bozeman Magazine, April 2014

The cap has a flow through valve and the color will change to black when the correct pressure is attained. 

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Digital Trends, February 2014

Know your tire pressure at a glance with this clever valve stem cap….

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 Overdrive Online, February 2014

It’s no surprise, perhaps, given that RightPSI received the Popular Mechanics Editors Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in New Product Design & Innovation, and it was an MSN Top Pick from the SEMA show… 

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Sustainable America, February 2014

RightPSI wants to simplify a task we all put off—and save us gas, money and time…

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Freshpreneur, February 2014

With 20 patents and counting, along with award winning product design, over the years they have established new techniques and products to help solve problems that we face on a daily basis…

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Tire Review, April 2014

Tire dealers can easily see the benefits of RightPSI, and add extra sales while helping their customers save their tires and some money.

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