Improving Safety


RightPSI™ Helps Improve Safety!

National Automotive Sampling System statistics estimate that:

  • Approx 660 fatalities and 33,000 injuries occur every year due to low tire inflation.
  • AAA receives about 4 million roadside assistance calls each year due to tire-related incidents.
  • A Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) vehicle safety survey found that 1 in 5 drivers correctly checks their tire pressure, while more than 80% of drivers do not know how to properly check tire pressure.
    • Check your tire pressure when your tires are at air temperature. Allow for temperature variances and ‘cooling’ prior to re-adjusting your tire pressure.
    • Tire pressure decrease by about 1 pound per square inch for every 10-degree drop in outside air temperature.
    • A tire loses about 1 pound every 60 days in natural depletion.  In cold weather tires can lose up to 2lbs/month, that means for a 28 PSI tire – you can lose over 20% in a few months during the Winter.
    • 57% of motorists wrongly believe that the correct tire pressure is printed on the sidewall.
  • An estimated 7,000,000 vehicles have all four tires significantly underinflated.
  • Over 60,000,000 cars (1 in 4) drive on a tire that is at least 25% under pressure.

Incorrect tire pressure can lead to…

  • Increased friction, causing tread separation.
  • Influences traction and stopping distances.
  • Compromises cornering and breaking.
  • Over heating and general vehicle instability.
By regularly monitoring your tires, you will have improved vehicle handling and ultimate road safety.

Imagine if there was an easy way to increase on-the-road safety for you and your family.

Motorists rank filling their tires as one of the top vehicle safety actions they can take.  However, the National Automotive Sampling System (NASS) estimates that almost 24,000 tire-triggered accidents could be prevented each year, if all light vehicles adhered to the recommended tire pressures for their specific tire brands. Using RightPSI™ with just a simple glance at your tires, lets you know if you’re low, so you can properly inflate them before you hit the road.

RightPSI™’s Orange indication lets you know when you should fill your tires and reminds you of this simple safety task.

An average of 24,000 tow-away crashes are caused by blowouts or flat tires each year.  Many of which could have been prevented through properly inflated tires.
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proper tire pressure can improve vehicle safety

Along with RightPSI™, the following organizations are dedicated to helping motorists learn how important proper tire care is to vehicle safety: